Boco Tora

Some of the most beautiful project sites in the world are located in unique, pristine locations with a special sense of place.  Boco Tora is such a place.  In order to capture the uniqueness of the property, Boco Tora is to have a light footprint on the land and environment, complementing the existing land and plant life while celebrating the culture of Belize. The goal is to be self-sufficient and sustainable as possible. The Boco Tora eco-project realizes many benefits, both environmental and economic, as all major resources and infrastructure needs are to be integrated into both form and function to protect the inherent natural beauty of the site. Implementation of sustainable resource management strategies is to be an integral part of the site planning process of this project, leading to the development of an eco-sensitive land plan that protects and enhances the properties.
Year : 2022 Project Name : Boco Tora Location : Belize